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We Celebrate Our Diversity.

The nature of our work calls for a healthy mix of educational backgrounds, work experiences and problem solving approaches. We’re proud of the diversity that exists at Viscira.

We Innovate.

We’re proud of the cutting-edge, award-winning programs that we produce in house to support our clients’ needs for rich, captivating solutions in the life sciences industry.

We Love to Learn.

We promote employee growth and professional development by offering a variety of educational classes in animation, technology, and other relevant fields, both in house and externally. We’re excited to provide our employees with new challenges as soon as they’re ready to take them on!

We Like to Have Fun.

Our company-sponsored events such as happy hour gatherings, contemporary art and animation reviews, annual holiday parties, and off-site team summits add a healthy dose of camaraderie and enjoyment to the workplace.

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