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Viscira® Announces Version 5.0 of its Prospero® Online Speaker/Advisor Portal

Viscira, a leading provider of digital marketing solutions and software products for the life sciences industry, today announced the release of Version 5.0 (“v5”) of its Prospero® Online Speaker/Advisor Portal for life sciences clients. This industry-leading, secure, web-based software platform serves as a robust content management system and communication hub for pharmaceutical product speakers, allowing them to easily access all the resources and tools needed to make their peer-to-peer, educational presentations both effective and engaging.

A key component of Prospero is the Viscira Interactive Presentation Builder tool (or “IPB”), which provides users with the ability to create and save custom presentations, subject to medical and regulatory restrictions, through an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface. While the IPB has been available online through the portal, Viscira now offers clients an offline, stand-alone version as an optional platform feature.
With the offline IPB, users are now able to create custom presentations on their laptop or tablet devices with no Internet connection needed. These custom presentations are subject to the same business rules and slide logic as the online version. After a slide presentation is built, users can then conveniently present directly from the IPB without an Internet connection.

Once the user is back online, the custom presentation is automatically synched and saved to the Prospero portal for future use. Other usage metrics and analytics are also gathered for reporting purposes. The use of the offline IPB also enables pharma clients, including medical and regulatory groups, to proactively expire outdated presentation content on a user’s device.

“We are excited to further enhance the capabilities of our industry-leading Prospero platform with our v5 release,” explains Nat Fast, Vice President - Software Development of Viscira. “With the addition of our offline IPB tool, we now offer users even greater convenience in building custom presentations wherever they are. We also provide regulatory teams with even greater control of content from a compliance perspective. Fast added, “We continue to innovate to ensure that Prospero remains a leading platform in the industry.”  

The Prospero Online Speaker/Advisor Portal can be customized to meet companies’ specific workflow needs and business requirements on an enterprise-wide, therapeutic area or single product basis. To schedule a demonstration, please contact the company at 415-848-8010, or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The Prospero Online Speaker/Advisor Portal is just one of many digital solutions and software products the company offers, which range from Viscira’s 3D mechanism-of-action (MOA) animations to interactive medical case study programs to high-impact sales and educational applications for iPad and other mobile devices. 

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Viscira® Releases 2016 Vilumina™ Video Demo Reel for Life Sciences Clients


Viscira, a leading provider of digital marketing solutions and software products for the life sciences industry, recently released its 2016 Vilumina™ video demo reel for its life sciences clients. This new, one-and-a-half-minute video includes highlights of Viscira’s cutting-edge work, while demonstrating the company’s sophisticated Hollywood-style video production capabilities.

The demo reel effectively showcases Viscira’s breadth of video expertise from live-action video to documentary-style features to patient testimonials. One of Viscira’s core Vilumina solutions is its enhanced KOL (Key Opinion Leader) video module.

This broadcast-quality video solution integrates full-body, green-screen KOL commentary with cinematically-rich digital content, including 2D and 3D animation, dynamic motion graphics and other creative elements. In addition to green screen shoots, Viscira can also produce enhanced KOL videos using on-location shoots, depending on the program creative concept.

Similar to the production process used in the film industry, Viscira manages all steps of the video creation, from script and storyboard development to video shoot execution, and then to final editing and post-production.

“We wanted our new Vilumina demo reel to showcase the company’s sophisticated video capabilities, and the depth and breadth of our team’s expertise,” explained Marlon McKenney, Director of Motion Graphics at Viscira. “We recognize the importance of video as a communication tool in our industry, and we continue to innovate to ensure that our programs have maximum impact. We are proud of the fact that we have the diverse skill sets needed to do all of our video work in-house.”

The 2016 demo reel is now being released to many existing and prospective Viscira clients. It is already receiving strong praise, with many referring to it as another impressive display of the company’s distinctive digital work.

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Viscira® 3D Animation for Roche Receives Communicator Award of Distinction


The Communicator Awards, one of the most prestigious and competitive award programs honoring creative excellence for marketing and communication solutions, draws over 6,000 entries from across the US and worldwide. It recently named Viscira a Silver winner for the company’s 3D animation video program designed to educate health care professionals (HCPs) about idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF), a respiratory disease. The award was given in the area of video/film in pharmaceuticals within the specialty category of animation use.

IPF is a chronic and ultimately fatal disease characterized by a progressive decline in lung function. The primary objective of the animation video program developed for Roche was to educate HCPs on the mechanism of disease and to highlight the human impact of the disease on patients with IPF. The video was initially deployed at the ERS (European Respiratory Society) International Conference last September in Amsterdam.

This interactive MOD animation highlights the pathological features of IPF and includes high-quality character animation. The piece was both highly cinematic and scientifically realistic. Hagop (Kane) Kaneboughazian, VP of Animation at Viscira, described the video as “Toy Story meets pharma”.

The Communicator Awards is in its 22nd season and is the leading international awards program in marketing and communications. The program is sanctioned and judged by the Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts (AIVA). AIVA members include executives from organizations such as Conde Nast, Disney, Estee Lauder, Lockheed Martin, MTV Networks, and Yahoo! 

James Rouse, Roche’s International Product Manager - IPF, commented on the award.  "Working with Viscira to produce this animation has been a great experience, and really helped attendees at the Congress to visualize how IPF progresses in the lungs."

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Sudler & Hennessey Group Acquires Viscira

Sudler & Hennessey Group, a leading global healthcare communications network, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Viscira, a leader in digital marketing and cutting-edge media in the healthcare space. Viscira develops visually-stunning, interactive solutions that provide unique, differentiated, and compelling communication delivery for the life sciences industry. These solutions help deliver healthcare information in very personal and immersive ways, and have a meaningful impact on the future of healthcare communication, education, and actual medical practice.

Through this transaction, Viscira brings deep technology expertise and transformative digital solutions to Sudler. When integrated with Sudler's full-service promotional and educational capabilities, strategic depth, and global reach, the combination provides clients with a uniquely creative and powerful healthcare communication offering. Viscira also gives the Sudler Group a strong geographic presence on the west coast of the US. Viscira has an established blue chip client base and serves 17 of the world's top 25 pharmaceutical companies comprising over 135 unique brands.

 "The addition of Viscira's cutting-edge expertise takes communications to a new level by adding virtual reality, highly acclaimed 3-D animation technology, gaming, and interactive digital applications. It provides the platform to visually combine science and creative beautifully, and to deliver content to all of our customers in extremely engaging ways," stated Louisa Holland, Co-CEO the Americas.

 With headquarters in San Francisco, and offices in New York and London, Viscira expects the Sudler partnership to accelerate future growth both domestically and globally. Sudler's expertise in brand strategy, product messaging, and medical content development will provide additional depth to Viscira in these areas.

 "We are very excited to become part of the Sudler & Hennessey Group and the broader WPP family. While Viscira has been a very successful independent company, this collaboration will enable us to speed our growth and provide a unique value proposition to life science clients," stated Dave Gulezian, CEO of Viscira. Gulezian added, "After starting in a small office with just a few people, this transaction also marks a significant milestone for the company as a result of the commitment and hard work of our employees over the years."

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